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Our proactive approach to managed projects and solutions enables you to focus on your business whilst we look after your technology.

Cyber Security

With cyber threats on the rise, protecting your business data and property is as vital as ever. There are a variety of security solutions, tailored to fit your businesses needs and requirements, focusing on every layer of your infrastructure which needs to be considered to fully protect you from intelligent and diverse threats that are being developed every day.

Tiedata can help you make informed decisions by assessing your cyber security needs and evaluating the most appropriate solutions in order to protect your business.

A few of the areas we cover are:

  • Cyber Security Auditing
  • Data Theft Prevention
  • Internet Management
  • Patch Management
  • End Point Security
  • Internet and WiFi Security
  • Wireless Access Points
  • Authentication Systems
  • Vulnerability Assessments


Critical business systems can be self-contained within a virtualised environment, so that they can easily be replicated to multiple physical locations or migrated to new hardware.

Virtualisation can reduce your overall costs whilst increasing the resilience of your IT systems by providing an additional layer of flexibility enabling you to respond to the challenges of hardware failure and connectivity issues.

Consolidating your IT hardware onto a new platform can result in significant benefits including simplified management, scalability, reduction in capital expenditure, reduced maintenance, lower licensing costs, a smaller server footprint and lower energy bills.

The now well-proven virtualisation technologies stretch beyond server virtualisation into :

User State Virtualisation – Roaming Profiles and Folder Redirection provide ease of access by enabling users to access their data from any workstation, reducing the risks associated with a particular machine being lost, stolen or damaged.

Application Virtualisation – Simplifying, streamlining and centralising the deployment of business applications to reduce the time, effort & costs associated with maintaining and rolling out software.

Operating System Virtualisation – gives users anywhere access to a personalised desktop computing environment on demand.

Let us talk to you and explain how your business can benefit from virtualisation and thin client technology.

Business Analysis, Software Support & Development

Businesses integrate technology in the workplace to enable them to deliver their products and services to their customers.

Tiedata specialise in evaluating your current business practices and how your systems facilitate these. By automating simple business processes, using off-the-shelf or bespoke solutions, we can help you to achieve considerable improvements in efficiency and cost savings.

We also specialise in taking on the support and further developing windows based legacy business applications.

Talk to us to discover how your business can gain that competitive edge by simply improving your business processes.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Most businesses recognise that they cannot operate without their IT systems and would come to a standstill if they were unavailable. Yet most businesses do not have an adequate contingency and Disaster Recovery (DR) plan for the event of system failure or unavailability. Even those that do have plans in place, do not always review these and test the implementation of their DR and contingency processes.

Tiedata specialise in working with you to determine the best solutions to ensure that your business can operate under every circumstance and handle most eventualities.

Call us to discuss the DR and Business Continuity planning, design, build and test services that are available utilising a wide range of solutions.

IT Audit

An audit will assess the performance, resilience, vulnerabilities, threats and capacity for growth of your IT systems. As part of this process, we will work with you to determine whether your systems adequately facilitate your business, resolving any short comings and helping you to plan for the future.

The areas that we will assess include:

  • General system configurations against best practice
  • Security risk assessments
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery plan audit
  • Communication systems and infrastructures
  • Data networks and infrastructures
  • Data storage systems
  • Virtualisation systems and associated infrastructures
  • Windows and messaging architectures
  • Pre and post system integration
  • Pre-acquisition or merger assessment
  • IT operations
  • Print and document management systems
  • Database systems

Cloud Solutions

Software and Services that are accessed through the internet, instead of running locally on your computer are referred to as Cloud solutions. The range of Cloud solutions is vast and their cost effectiveness is ever growing.

Tiedata will explain and discuss the solutions that can fulfill your needs. We help you in the evaluation process. You then decide the right solution for your business.


As businesses have become more reliant on IT, the need for data storage has grown exponentially. This trend is going to continue. Coupled with compliance and regulatory requirements, and the need to have access to your data so that you can make intelligent business decisions, it is essential to have reliable and resilient storage systems with scope for future expansion.

Our experience in managing small and large storage requirements allows us to deliver the right solution for your business.

Typically, in relation to storage, we will advise on:

  • Design and Build
  • Troubleshooting Storage Issues
  • High Availability Assessment
  • Data Storage Analysis
  • Replication Assessments
  • Cloud Suitability Integration

Networks & Communications

Most businesses cannot operate without their IT systems today and would come to a standstill if they were unavailable.

IT networks function as the nerve centre of most businesses, providing intercommunication, collaboration of documents and data, and sharing of resources. Your networks may be localised, span multiple sites, rely on hard wired and/or wireless systems. With the increase in uptake of Voice-over-IP services, the use of skype and social media, or simply to facilitate e-mail, connectivity to the internet is also vital for most businesses.

We specialise in designing, implementing and proactively supporting your network ensuring that you have the best performing network & communication systems providing adequate response times and bandwidths for your business needs.


In business today, protecting your business information, data and property is as important as ever. There are a multitude of security solutions covering each layer of your business which need to be considered to fully protect you from the complex and dynamic threats that exist today.

Tiedata can help you to make informed decisions by assessing your security needs and reviewing the most appropriate solutions so that you can protect your business.

Some of the areas that we cover are:

  • IT Security Auditing
  • Data Theft Prevention
  • Internet Management
  • Patch Management
  • EndPoint Security
  • Internet and WiFi Security
  • Wireless Access Points
  • Authentication Systems
  • Vulnerability Assessments

Migration & Integration

Whether you are simply relocating your office, upgrading an existing software application, moving it to a new platform, or implementing a new software or hardware solution, we can help you with:

  • Project planning
  • Analysis of existing systems, people and technology
  • Data analysis and migration
  • Integrating legacy and new systems
  • End-to-end project management
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